Aircraft at night.Aircraft at night.

Traffic Flow Management

Responsive Network Management

Flyways combines predictive situational awareness with high-performance user experiences to elevate situational awareness and enhance strategic decision making in the world’s most complex, challenging, and dynamic airspace. Flyways continuously monitors the National Airspace System (NAS) weather and traffic volume to predict and mitigate demand and capacity imbalances.

AI-enabled Network Management

AI-Powered Demand & Capacity Predictions

Flyways’ sophisticated AI/ML modeling accurately and reliably predicts the current and future state of the airspace, providing users with a deep understanding of the operating environment. Flyways continuously predicts airspace demand-capacity imbalances and recommends optimal traffic flow management strategies, enabling NAS traffic managers to proactively implement mitigating initiatives and strategies.

Enhanced Collaborative Decision Making

Flyways enables decision makers to balance the demands of the NAS with the specific needs of NAS stakeholders by developing optimal Traffic Management Initiatives that minimize impact to airline business objectives. Flyways is a trusted and transparent platform that allows distributed actors to collaborate, make complex decisions, and execute flow management strategies in a fully synchronized way.

Comprehensive Network Management

Flyways powers a fully integrated situational awareness display that allows decision makers to quickly visualize, simulate, and respond to the evolving volume of traffic and weather conditions. Flyways provides the toolset to quickly develop, assess, and implement Traffic Management Initiatives that balance flight demand and NAS capacity in an efficient, safe, and equitable way for all NAS stakeholders.

Many aircraft traveling the skies with contrails crossing each other.


Self-Learning Models

Dynamically updating system that adapts to the demands and complexity of the most challenging domains.

Predictive Awareness

Simulate and evaluate the impact of an evolving operating environment to enable optimal decisions and mission outcomes.

Optimal Strategy

Serve the needs of all NAS stakeholders through the rapid development of equitable and efficient initiatives and strategy.

Intuitive UI

Highly responsive user interface designed to clearly and effectively visualize high-density, mission-critical information.



“Operational efficiency is a big one for us, a culture of efficiency. [..] One of the cool things that we implemented using artificial intelligence and machine learning is Flyways. [..] Think of it as Waze in the sky. And it’s already helped us save track miles in the sky and reduce how much gas we burn, which reduces emissions.”

Ben Minicucci
Alaska Airlines

"Real-time network-wide optimization of flight plans is now a reality, and every U.S. airline can benefit from this exciting and reliable technology."

Ben Baldanza
Former CEO
Spirit Airlines

"Flyways AI has transformed how Alaska Airlines approaches route planning and optimization, enabling our highly skilled dispatchers to work even smarter to deliver the safest and most efficient routes to our pilots, saving time and carbon emissions, mitigating congestion.”

Diana Birkett-Rakow
Senior Vice President
Alaska Airlines