Fighter jets and a tanker flying in formation. Fighter jets and a tanker flying in formation.

Command & Control

Elevate Mission-Critical Decisions.

Flyways is purpose-built to ensure that complex air operations succeed. The Flyways AI Platform equips the warfighter with the required toolset to accurately predict and autonomously monitor the operational environment, enabling a perpetual and precise decision making cycle, yielding optimal mission outcomes in the world’s most challenging and dynamic environments.

Intelligence for Every Mission

One AI/ML-Enabled Platform To Power Any Mission.

The Flyways AI Platform consolidates disparate data sources, injects meaningful context, and optimizes mission-critical workflows. By eliminating data duplication, transcription, manual consolidation, and reliance on siloed systems and disconnected applications, Flyways bolsters the pace and accuracy of decision-making, delivering a distinct operational edge.

Globally Integrated Decisions

Flyways is a decision support system enabling the direction of distributed forces through a consolidated platform. It equips commanders with a fully integrated and unified operating picture, complete with status and availability of resources, as well as the visualization and simulation of an environment’s operational advantages, limitations, and constraints.

Synchronized Mission Execution

One platform powers a unified suite of applications delivering an authoritative source of truth. Flyways equips operators with a synchronized view of the operating environment and eliminates friction by sharing fully contextualized data and critical information in real-time.


Self-Learning Models

Dynamically updating system that adapts to the demands and complexity of the most challenging domains.

Predictive Awareness

Simulate and evaluate the impact of an evolving operating environment to enable optimal decisions and mission outcomes.

Agile Applications

Flexible application framework to rapidly deploy bespoke applications for specific users and workflows.

Actionable COAs

Platform-generated recommendations deliver optimal response options with unparalleled speed and clarity.


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