An aircraft flying behind a control tower.

Network Management

Resilient Network Operations

The Flyways AI Platform combines predictive situational awareness with high-performance user experiences, resulting in consistent and superior operational advantage for airlines operating in the most challenging, complex, and dynamic airspace in the world.

Flyways predicts disruptions and suggests viable mitigation strategies, ensuring resilient and self-recovering network operations.

AI-enabled Network Management

Machine Intelligence To Predict Airspace Demand & Capacity

Flyways’ sophisticated AI/ML modeling accurately and reliably predicts the state of the airspace, providing decision makers with a deep understanding of the operating environment. Flyways continuously predicts airspace demand-capacity imbalances and recommends optimal traffic flow management strategies, enabling an airline's ATC team to proactively and rapidly respond to operational disruptions.

Next-Gen Collaborative Decision Making

Flyways provides network directors, ATC chiefs, airport station directors, and other airline staff with a unified and common operating picture, perpetuating a complete and synchronized understanding of operational constraints, limitations, and opportunities. The Flyways AI Platform establishes a single source of truth, allowing distributed actors to collaborate on complex decisions and strategy execution in a fully synchronized way.

AI-Powered TMI Recommendations

Flyways generates the most optimal network strategy to minimize the impact of any predicted disruption. Managers can simulate the impact of a traffic management initiative (TMI) on their network and rapidly quantify any resulting operational disruption, relative to specific business objectives. Flyways allows even the most complex airline networks to anticipate and adapt to the continuously evolving and highly dynamic conditions, yielding predictable and efficient network operations.

An air traffic control tower.


SWIM Data Feeds

Sophisticated data processing pipeline to fuse and operationalize all available data within the FAA SWIM feeds.

Low-Touch Integration

Robust platform data availability eliminates the requirement for invasive and internally-resourced integration efforts.

User-Defined Strategy

Easy to integrate business objectives, constraints, and thresholds to design and execute an optimal network strategy.

Analysis & Reporting

Quickly conducted post-event assessments using metrics specific to an airline, simplifying internal reporting and analysis processes.



“Operational efficiency is a big one for us, a culture of efficiency. [..] One of the cool things that we implemented using artificial intelligence and machine learning is Flyways. [..] Think of it as Waze in the sky. And it’s already helped us save track miles in the sky and reduce how much gas we burn, which reduces emissions.”

Ben Minicucci
Alaska Airlines

"Real-time network-wide optimization of flight plans is now a reality, and every U.S. airline can benefit from this exciting and reliable technology."

Ben Baldanza
Former CEO
Spirit Airlines

"Flyways AI has transformed how Alaska Airlines approaches route planning and optimization, enabling our highly skilled dispatchers to work even smarter to deliver the safest and most efficient routes to our pilots, saving time and carbon emissions, mitigating congestion.”

Diana Birkett-Rakow
Senior Vice President
Alaska Airlines