Front-view of a Network Operations Center. A dispatcher in front of several monitors.
A dispatcher in front of several monitors.

Enterprise Communication

Seamless & Secure Collaboration

Flyways is purpose-built to support complex, distributed operations at scale, equipping operators with an enterprise-ready platform that simplifies secure peer-to-peer communication, two-way air-to-ground communication, and enterprise-wide collaboration, notification, and alerting.


Modern UI To Drive Efficient Workflows & Quicker Decisions

Flyways leverages a modern and intuitive interface design to simplify the process of selecting and sharing complex and mission critical information throughout an organization. Communication features are natively supported in all decision support applications, ensuring that information can be shared quickly and viewed with sufficient context to facilitate rapid and accurate decision making.

Quick & Effortless Integration

The Flyways AI Platform integrates directly with your existing messaging infrastructure to accommodate all ACARS, XML, Type B message traffic and is ARINC/SITA-agnostic. Flyways ingests, aggregates, and processes all internal and external message traffic to streamline communication and information management across dissimilar protocols and message formats.

Contextualized Notifications & Alerts

Flyways alerting and notification functionality is designed and implemented to enhance, not inhibit or distract from, the performance of critical operational tasks. Relevant information is presented to the intended recipient at the appropriate time and contextualized to promote optimal situational awareness and frictionless workflows that enable faster decisions.


Simple Integrability

Ingest any data, regardless of format, schema, or source, to unlock and fully utilize all enterprise data.

Intuitive Design

Modern and intuitive UI/UX design principles ensure ease of use, minimal training requirements, and high utility and efficacy.

Data Transformation

Convert complex and disparate data into fully contextualized alerts, notifications, and meaningful insights.


End-to-end platform security is foundational to protect and ensure dissemination of mission critical data across the enterprise.



“Operational efficiency is a big one for us, a culture of efficiency. [..] One of the cool things that we implemented using artificial intelligence and machine learning is Flyways. [..] Think of it as Waze in the sky. And it’s already helped us save track miles in the sky and reduce how much gas we burn, which reduces emissions.”

Ben Minicucci
Alaska Airlines

"Flyways AI has transformed how Alaska Airlines approaches route planning and optimization, enabling our highly skilled dispatchers to work even smarter to deliver the safest and most efficient routes to our pilots, saving time and carbon emissions, mitigating congestion.”

Diana Birkett-Rakow
Senior Vice President
Alaska Airlines