Radar site on a mountain.

All Domain Awareness

Automated All Domain Awareness

The Flyways AI Platform maintains continuous visibility and constant vigilance over all domains within a designated Area of Responsibility. Flyways guides human operators in their efforts to identify, contextualize, and visualize potential threats, while providing decision makers with the critical insights and options required to formulate a measured response.

Intelligence for Every Mission

Machine Intelligence: Making Sense Of Sensors.

Flyways translates authoritative multi-sourced data into actionable insights, presented with the context and clarity necessary to rapidly develop an operator's situation awareness. Flyways continuously optimizes and recommends courses of action, allowing the human operator to rapidly and confidently facilitate a decisive response.

AI/ML Enabled Threat Detection

Flyways leverages large scale data fusion, coupled with sophisticated modeling and continuous monitoring, to facilitate the detection, classification, and alerting of anomalous behavior in the multi-domain environment. Flyways helps minimize risk to force, and enables true information and decision superiority.

Rapid & Relevant Courses of Action

Flyways delivers decision superiority, allowing geographically disparate decision makers to generate and simulate the optimal force response based on observed threat intent indicators and a predictive assessment of threat behavior, capability, and environment.



Leverage custom connectors and parsers to ingest and fuse any existing mission data formats or schemas.


Containerized and fully modular, platform and applications are ready to operate in any cloud, edge, or hybrid implementation.

Platform Agnostic

Quick and seamless integration streamlines system-of-systems integration objectives, enabling rapid deployments.

Intuitive UI

Highly responsive user interface is designed to clearly and effectively visualize high density, mission critical information.


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