An aircraft approaching the runways at night. View of flight deck at night.
Night view of a cockpit.

Flight Operations

Common Situational Awareness

The Flyways AI Platform provides an organization with a single and easily accessible source of truth for all critical information and insights to best manage their operations. Flyways facilitates shared situational awareness between the airline operation center and the flight deck, promoting highly efficient workflows and seamless collaboration.


One Unified Platform To Sync Dispatchers & Flight Crews

Flyways ensures that flight crew and dispatch share a common operating picture, accompanied by contextualized recommendations. This facilitates continuous route validation and optimization throughout every phase of the flight. Flyways' purpose-built mobile applications are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs and demands of the flight crew. These applications are optimized for performance, utilizing onboard connectivity.

Pilot-Dispatch Collaboration & Communication

Flyways simplifies workflow coordination and accelerates collaborative decision making, enabling smooth re-routes, efficient weather avoidance, effective delay management, and well-executed diversions. By utilizing Flyways, a dynamic and data-driven partnership is fostered between the flight deck and the airline operation center, resulting in enhanced operational decision making capabilities.

Effortless Mobile Deployment

Flyways mobile applications can be effortlessly deployed as part of existing Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) programs. They come with over-the-air software delivery and require no on-board hardware integration whatsoever. Flyways uses Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, which offer a comprehensive set of tools for securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively managing thousands of mobile devices for an airline.


Human Factors Design

Applications are developed with a deep understanding of the critical importance of human factors in flight deck.

Predictive Simulation

Flight simulation and rapid evaluation of hazards and airspace constraints enable real-time collaborative decision making.

Optimal Trajectories

Continuous 4D trajectory optimization for every flight, fully aligned with strategic network planning.

Surface Management

Visualize and asses airport surface congestion, gate availability, runway configuration, and aircraft location.



“Operational efficiency is a big one for us, a culture of efficiency. [..] One of the cool things that we implemented using artificial intelligence and machine learning is Flyways. [..] Think of it as Waze in the sky. And it’s already helped us save track miles in the sky and reduce how much gas we burn, which reduces emissions.”

Ben Minicucci
Alaska Airlines

"Real-time network-wide optimization of flight plans is now a reality, and every U.S. airline can benefit from this exciting and reliable technology."

Ben Baldanza
Former CEO
Spirit Airlines

"Flyways AI has transformed how Alaska Airlines approaches route planning and optimization, enabling our highly skilled dispatchers to work even smarter to deliver the safest and most efficient routes to our pilots, saving time and carbon emissions, mitigating congestion.”

Diana Birkett-Rakow
Senior Vice President
Alaska Airlines