Elevating mission‑critical decision making

Monitor and predict airspace dynamics to determine optimal flight trajectories.

Our mission

Airspace Intelligence helps the world’s most complex air operations succeed.

We build software that empowers the human operator with smart and actionable recommendations that result in faster and more accurate decision making.

By applying AI, we provide the institutions that monitor and operate in increasingly complex airspace with a predictive operating picture.

Artificial intelligence is transforming the possible. The age of machine learning is a new phase of computing.

The aerospace industry used to be at the forefront of technology, turning science fiction into reality.
Today, we live in a world where consumer road navigation apps are more advanced than air operations systems.

use cases

Applying AI in commercial & government operations.

Airline Operations Control

Empowering airlines—from leaders to operators—with a system-wide, predictive view of operations on a unified operating platform.


Flight Operations

Enabling efficient flight operations by optimizing flight paths within a set of dynamic airspace constraints.


Air Traffic Management

Predicting the future state of the airspace to facilitate smarter, safer traffic flow management decisions in the present.


Airspace Monitoring & Mission Planning

Providing intelligent air domain awareness and mission planning solutions to support efforts critical to national security.



Flyways™ Platform
The operating system for airline network operations.

Flyways is an AI-enabled platform designed to accelerate & improve operational decision making capabilities in the world’s most complex and dynamic airspace.

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