AMC preparing for a flight operation.  AMC preparing for a flight operation.

Air Mobility Optimization

Agile Global Air Mobility

The Flyways AI Platform leverages machine intelligence and human-centric design to dramatically increase the operational decision space for commanders, mission planners, and aircrew. Flyways continuously optimizes the most complex air logistics operations, significantly increasing the attainable reach, capacity, and efficiency of prolonged and sustained operations in the most austere environments.

Intelligence for Every Mission

Optimal Mission Planning To Sustain Global Reach

Flyways AI translates authoritative multi-sourced data into actionable insights, presented with the context and clarity necessary to rapidly develop an operator's situation awareness. Flyways AI continuously optimizes and recommends courses of action, allowing the human operator to rapidly and confidently facilitate a decisive response.

End-to-End Intelligent Automation

Flyways is a true force multiplier. It enables a single mission planner who is responsible for executing diversion mission profiles to manage large-scale air operations--even those involving dissimilar aircraft. Flyways automation and workflow management ensures success throughout the entirety of the planning, preparation, execution, and post-mission analysis lifecycle.

Dynamic Mission Management

Flyways ingests large amounts of complex, multi-sourced airspace and environmental data, and uses predictive artificial intelligence and machine learning models to formulate a comprehensive and predictive view of the operating environment, evaluate its impact to the mission, generate operational alerts, and deliver actionable recommendations to the human decision maker.

A refueling flight mission.


Continuous Optimization

Machine intelligence results in optimal network management, asset trajectory, and mission efficacy.

Persistent Monitoring

Intuitive alerting decreases an operator's cognitive load, enhancing performance and maximizing manpower efficiency.

Automated Workflows

Applications adapted specifically to established workflows minimize training requirements and improve user experience.

Synchronized Awareness

Mission managers, commanders, and aircrew share a synchronized operating picture, adapted to their specific processes.



“Operational efficiency is a big one for us, a culture of efficiency. [..] One of the cool things that we implemented using artificial intelligence and machine learning is Flyways. [..] Think of it as Waze in the sky. And it’s already helped us save track miles in the sky and reduce how much gas we burn, which reduces emissions.”

Ben Minicucci
Alaska Airlines

"Real-time network-wide optimization of flight plans is now a reality, and every U.S. airline can benefit from this exciting and reliable technology."

Ben Baldanza
Former CEO
Spirit Airlines

"Flyways AI has transformed how Alaska Airlines approaches route planning and optimization, enabling our highly skilled dispatchers to work even smarter to deliver the safest and most efficient routes to our pilots, saving time and carbon emissions, mitigating congestion.”

Diana Birkett-Rakow
Senior Vice President
Alaska Airlines