The operating system for mission-critical decision making.


Enhancing human intelligence for faster and more informed decision making.

Flyways is an AI-enabled operating system that improves and accelerates decisions for operators across various roles in the air domain. Flyways is designed for high-stakes decision making in a rapidly changing environment where operators must make high-quality decisions quickly. It fuses unstructured data, applies AI to generate a predictive operating picture, and recommends contextually relevant actions to the human operator.

Data Fusion

Large-scale spatial and temporal data processing.

Flyways fuses and enriches vast volumes of spatial and temporal data to generate the most accurate operating picture possible. Flyways’ air domain-centric data processing architecture reduces the need for complex data engineering, which produces operational results sooner by accelerating deployment timelines. Flyways’ historical data fusion capabilities provide the bedrock to train ML models that predict what’s going to happen in the environment and provide the user with an unparalleled understanding of the operating environment.

4D Simulation

From understanding what is happening to knowing what is going to happen.

Every few seconds Flyways generates a 4D lookahead of what is most probable to happen in the operating environment, taking all fused domain data into consideration. Flyways can scale to tens of thousands of airborne objects and predict how these objects are moving in space and time across low and high-altitude airspace. Through user interfaces that are tailored to the operator's function, these operating environments can be simulated across four dimensions, providing an unmatched level of predictive situational awareness.


Highlighting issues of interest faster and more accurately.

Flyways evaluation models screen the real-time and predicted operating picture to highlight issues and flag anomalies. Leveraging large-scale compute, Flyways can surface previously undetected issues and reduces an operator's response times by orders of magnitude.


Elevating quality and speed of actions taken.

Flyways enhances the human operator in the decision-making process by providing actionable recommendations that more quickly reach operational objectives. Through built-in feedback loops, Flyways learns over time and provides valuable recommendations to the operator. As a result, Flyways autonomously adapts to the dynamically changing domain and its intricacies.