FlywayS™ Platform

The operating system for modern airlines

Accelerating & improving operational decision making from the operations center to the flight deck.

Self-learning system

Move from hard-coded static rules to a self-learning, dynamically updating system

Predictive situational awareness

Transition from “What is happening right now?” to “What is going to happen?”

Network-wide optimization

Use large-scale cloud compute to continuously optimize the entire network

One vertically integrated platform

Provide one unified operating picture to every user across the platform


The age of machine learning is a new phase of computing.

Data Fusion

Trajectory Prediction

Trajectory Monitoring & Evaluation

4D simulation

Predictive Recommendations

Enabling the human decision maker with an end-to-end solution.


Here to serve.

"We're all blown away by the efficiency and predictability of the platform.

We anticipate Flyways will soon become the de facto system for all airlines. But it sure has been cool being the first airline in the world to do this!"

Pasha Saleh from Alaska Airlines

Director of Flight Operations Strategy