Enhancing human intelligence in complex and mission-critical operations.

Who we are

A software-first aerospace company.

In 2018, our founders — a group of aerospace outsiders with backgrounds in autonomous driving — were invited to visit an air operations center. They expected to see Star Trek-like mission control systems. Instead, they encountered green screens, paper-printed weather charts, and 120-page manuals for application usage. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, a multitude of urgent challenges in the aerospace and defense sectors hinge on software-based complexities, necessitating sophisticated solutions to replace archaic systems.


Ensuring the world’s most complex air operations succeed.

The National Airspace System (NAS) is experiencing an escalation in complexity, while simultaneously, our adversaries are enhancing their capabilities, strategically targeting perceived vulnerabilities in our domestic and forward deployed air defense systems. As global competitors confront the United States and its allies across multiple dimensions and across all domains, these advancements pose significant challenges to traditional warning and assessment systems. Consequently, there is an imperative need to pioneer AI and software-based solutions to be prepared for future operational challenges. Air Space Intelligence was founded to help the world's most challenging air missions succeed across commercial, defense, and national security operations. We strive to empower air operators with a decision making advantage by providing the best predictive geospatial picture of the operating domain.


The independent thinkers.

The resourceful builders.

The persistent fighters.

We are Air Space Intelligence.

We have combined top software engineering and ML talent with industry veterans that have decades of mission experience.  Our team operates with empathy for the user and has a relentless drive to ship product. We go by the mantra that today is better than tomorrow. Speed matters!

Phillip Buckendorf

CEO & Co-Founder

Kris Dorosz

CTO & Co-Founder

Lucas Kukielka


Bernard Asare

VP of Business Development

Gosia Barzowska

Head of Operations

James Power

Deployment Strategist

Mark Lepczyk

Deployment Strategist

Jakub Mikians

Staff Engineer

Pawel Kopec

Foundation Engineering Lead

Michal Gorecki

Optimization Engineer Lead

Piotr Mazur

Prediction Lead

Peter Kowenzowski

SRE Lead


We are here to serve.

Our customers include some of the world’s largest airlines and government agencies that ensure national security and safe airspace management. For our customers, performant software should be the baseline not a luxury. Any disruption could be disastrous.  Any decision made on limited data could have dramatic consequences. To make decisions, our customers rely on vast amounts of unstructured data in a complex operating environment.

Turning data into informed decisions at this scale is impossible through human capacity alone. We work closely with our customers and their teams. We send our engineers to sit side-by-side with the operators. We seek to find the most critical problems and deploy capabilities in weeks, not years, to provide our customers with an operating advantage when they most need it.

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