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A software-first aerospace company

The independent thinkers.

The resourceful builders.

The persistent fighters.

We are Airspace Intelligence.

In 2018, our founders—a group of aerospace outsiders with backgrounds in autonomous driving—visited an air operations center expecting to see StarTrek-like mission control systems. That's not what they found.

Since then, our team of multi-domain experts from Amazon, Google, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Palantir has been on a journey to help the world’s most complex air operations succeed.

We apply AI to solve multi-dimensional optimization problems in mission-critical operations.


Combining domain experience with first-class engineering talent.

Phillip Buckendorf
CEO & Co-Founder
Kris Dorosz
CTO & Co-Founder
Lucas Kukielka
Co-Founder & Product Lead
Bernard Asare
VP of Business Development
James Power
Deployment Strategist
Tanner Snider
Chief of Staff
Jakub Mikians
Staff Engineer
Pawel Kopec
Foundation Engineering Lead
Peter Kowenzowski
SRE Lead
Michal Gorecki
Optimization Engineer Lead
Piotr Mazur
Prediction Lead
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