Life is too short to work on boring things.

If you go by “today is better than tomorrow” and love to see your work deployed in high impact air operations, then Air Space Intelligence might be the right place for you.


The independent thinkers.

The resourceful builders.

The persistent fighters.

We are Air Space Intelligence.

At Air Space Intelligence, we firmly embrace the philosophy that "today's apprentice is tomorrow's leader." We actively seek out the brightest minds, entrust them with significant autonomy, and invest wholeheartedly in their personal and professional development. We value merit over experience, recognizing the immense value in nurturing those who have the capacity to excel.

Our team members are celebrated for their proactive, mission-driven approach, which enables the organizations we serve to thrive. We honor individuals who take the initiative and carry out tasks without waiting for explicit directives, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the success of our partners.

Why join us

Velocity, the essence of our achievements, empowers us to stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape. From the very beginning, you'll be entrusted with a significant degree of autonomy, allowing you to exercise your creativity and ingenuity. Working independently, you'll contribute to the success of prominent organizations such as world’s largest airlines and influential government agencies.

As a key player in the development of state-of-the-art command and control systems, your work will have a far-reaching impact. Our systems are already optimizing and monitoring tens of thousands of flights globally.

Our team is comprised of highly motivated, intellectually curious individuals who are dedicated to fostering a spirit of camaraderie while remaining steadfast in our mission.

We thrive on the energy and passion of intelligent, driven people who relentlessly challenge conventional wisdom. Our enthusiasm for innovation and our commitment to breaking new ground are at the heart of our culture. Together, we'll embark on a journey to serve the most complex air operations, making a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals and organizations.

Life at Air Space Intelligence.

We strive to make work energizing and meaningful. From assembling the right team to making sure you work on what you are excited about, we care about the details.

Flexible work hours

With a global team supporting 24/7 mission-critical operations, we work hard and must be at our best. But we also work with flexibility in mind.

Premium healthcare

Health and wellness are critical to living a happy and resilient life. We provide first-class medical, dental and vision coverage to you and your dependents.

Competitive salary and equity

Our team is our biggest asset. We value the hard work that each person commits to us, so we provide competitive, transparent compensation packages.

High energy environment

We live by the mantra that now is better than never. You will find yourself surrounded by peers who constantly challenge the status quo.

Flexible time-off

We encourage you to take time off as you need it. While our team is hard-working, our success is measured by output—not time spent.

Office equipment and tools

We bring the best tools to the mission, from ergonomic desk setups to modern productivity software. We have a freshly prepared team lunch every day.