Delivering a decision advantage, from the AOC to the cockpit.

Industry-proven AI for complex air operations.


Air Space Intelligence ensures the world’s most complex air operations succeed.

Our airspace is facing more disruptions than ever before due to legacy software. Today, we live in a world where consumer road navigation software is more advanced than software systems supporting air operations and C2. The organizations we serve face an existential need to deploy AI and next-generation software to advance their decision-making capabilities.

Flyways AI platform

Enhancing human intelligence for faster and more informed decision making.

Flyways is an AI-powered operating system that improves and accelerates decisions for operators across various roles in the air domain. Flyways is designed for high-stakes decision making in a rapidly changing environment where operators must make high-quality decisions quickly. It fuses unstructured data, applies AI to generate a predictive operating picture, and recommends contextually relevant actions to the human operator.


The Flyways AI Platform powers a family of commercially-proven capabilities and is ready to deploy across airline operations, air traffic management, and defense applications. Flyways' open, modular, and extensible architecture enables fast deployments that can be iteratively configured to meet the specific needs of operators.


Flight Management

Across all phases of the flight operation mission, Flyways supports the flight dispatchers/managers and crews with flight following and AI-powered trajectory optimizations to allow for a safer and more efficient operation.


Traffic Management

Flyways continuously monitors the National Airspace System to predict and mitigate demand and capacity imbalances to enhance strategic decision making in the most complex, challenging, and dynamic airspace.


Domain Awareness

Flyways AI guides human operators in their efforts to identify, contextualize, and visualize potential threats, while providing decision-makers with the critical insights and options they need to formulate a measured response.



Flyways equips operators with an enterprise-ready platform that simplifies secure peer-to-peer communication, two-way air-to-ground communication, and enterprise-wide collaboration, notification, and alerting.


Life is too short to work on boring things.

At Air Space Intelligence, we adhere to the principle that "today's apprentice is tomorrow's leader." We seek out highly intelligent individuals, empower them with independence, and commit wholeheartedly to their advancement and progress. We prioritize merit over experience and celebrate those who take the initiative to carry out missions for the organizations we support without the need for explicit instructions.