SRE Engineer


Gdansk, Poland



About Air Space Intelligence

Air Space Intelligence is a software-first aerospace company that develops mission control systems for some of the most complex air operations. We partner with organizations such as the world’s largest airlines and the institutions that ensure that the global airspace remains safe and secure. Our technology is already routing and monitoring commercial flights in US airspace every day. Airspace Intelligence is well-backed by top tier investors to invest boldly into R&D and growth.

What you will do

As a DevOps engineer, you will be part of the team scaling our infrastructure to handle 10 times the load of mission critical flight operations over the next 12 months. You’ll spend your time coding software solutions alongside our product engineers, adding new features that benefit our airline customers (Python), and building and monitoring dashboards for critical alerts (Grafana, Prometheus, Graphite).

What we value

  • Ability to maintain and grow our infrastructure stack (K8s, GCP, Docker, Terraform, Helm)
  • Deep understanding of CI/CD pipelines (CircleCi)
  • Advanced knowledge of Kubernetes, Docker, and an OO Language along with Google Cloud, PostgreSQL, Helm, Terraform, Python 3, Grafana
  • Ability to collaborate with others across multiple teams
  • Flexibility to adjust to changing business priorities

How we hire

We look at the interview process not as screening test but rather as an opportunity to simulate what it would look like working together. We build the interview process around you.


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